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Market Assessment & Valuation

Forecasting Model


Local input
  • Epidemiology
  • Clinical Practice
  • Market Research
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Pricing & Market Access
  • Cost Assumptions

Business Development & Negotiation Support

Company Screening & Contact

Negotiation Support

Local input
  • Network: Knowing the people & company
  • Understanding the cultural background
  • On market support through your negotiation process

Who we are

A team bringing expertise together and delivering market insights from Tokyo, Japan

Our Global Track record

We are a truly international business providing local market insights globally

Why come to Japan? Because we turn innovation into impact

Japan is one of the largest markets for innovative new drugs, and PMDA approves them faster than any other major regulatory bodies

Why come to Japan early? Pricing is the key

The right strategy will lead to more favorable price point given the ’18 pricing reform

Strategic Imperatives for Japan Pricing
European Prices
  • Always the best predictor on Japanese price of a new drug by the Cost Calc* method
Launch Sequencing
  • Coming to Japan first among all countries; good chance for “gratuity pricing”
Find the Right Partner
  • Authorities preference in domestic companies; increase the probability of “gratuity pricing”
  • However, need to know the right partner (go for the Tier 1 company)

*: a pricing method used when there is no comparator approved in Japan